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Deanne Vanwinkle, a member of the Navajo Nation who lives in Las Vegas, NV said she has been humiliated by a facebook page called, ‘Rez Girls Be like’ and because of it, she is now being harassed.

Her photo was posted to it’s 34,000 followers with offensive language written on it and it has gone viral.

“Yeah there was a couple of women harassing my fan page bringing up things about my son and how I’m such a horrible person and that people they think I’m a model that’s perfect.” Vanwinkle said in an interview with the Navajo Post.

The facebook page has different photos of Native American girls who are being made fun of and the people who follow this page are leaving nasty comments that could trigger cyber bullying.

“Rez girls be like…Mother of the year on facebook,” adding, “In real life…Fake everything including free implants then ditch their kids with disable elders to party with their new man. Only to be dumped,” said Deanne’s photo.

Kendra Paige a follower of the page wrote, “I just wanna know, where tha fuk, does one get free implants lol.” Edwin Harris also wrote, “Fake titties? Lemme see,” the negative comments just continue on.

We reached out to the facebook page owner, but we were mocked. “They are submitted by fans of this page, I have a picture of Bigfoot would you like it?” and they would not give us their name or where they were located.

We also asked them If they think what you post has any repercussions? There response was ‘Are skin walkers real?’ Referencing one of our previous stories we ran in the Post.

It’s clear the owner doesn’t care if they are offending the women in the photos. Unfortunately, Deanne photo has already been shared 50 times and has over 300 likes with derogatory comments rolling in.

On Dec. 7, Deanne’s photo was deleted from the page after she got overwhelming support from her fans who complained to Facebook.

Deanne is a promotional model in Vegas and said anything like this could damage her reputation as a career model, but remains optimistic and hope other girls out there remains strong when they are harassed online for no reason.

According to Professors who study cyber bullying Sameer Hinduji, Ph.D and Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D offered some suggestions on how to handle cyber bullying. Do not retaliate, record everything, block the bully, report the abuse, and if it’s that bad contact law enforcement they wrote on their website

The statistics are staggering with suicide and bullying, according to the CDC 4,400 suicides occur each year from people being bullied online and the victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide then non-victims.

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