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DEATH PENALTY: Should the Navajo Nation have it’s own Capital Punishment Law for Atrocious Crimes?

(Editorial) The FBI recently said the Navajo Nation is the most violent Reservation in the U.S. So why not fit the penalty with the crime?

People who commit a heinous act of crime on the Navajo Nation (like murder) are handed over to the Feds, but what if the Navajo Nation implemented its own death penalty law on tribal land; even a recommendation on how a person should be executed, What would that look like?

Meaning, you kill another human being on the Navajo Nation, you will be executed by the Tribal Justice System itself or would Navajo tradition over ride it? Many could argue, it’s crazy enough to even think about the Navajo Nation executing people for an atrocious crime or anyone for that matter.

In 2010, Texas executed 17 people, they led all states in the U.S.

According to (a website that has interesting facts about the death penalty) wrote, Arizona, California, Missouri, and Wyoming are the only four states which authorize the use of the gas chamber as a method of execution.’ (Yes, Arizona still utilizes a gas chamber.)

Bruce Fein, the General Counsel for the Center for Law and Accountability who was for the death penalty once said “The death penalty honors human dignity by treating the defendant as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill…” (That’s just a brief quote)

On the other hand, people against the death penalty like the ACLU said no one should ever have to die no matter what, “It [capital punishment] is immoral in principle, and unfair and discriminatory in practice… No one deserves to die. When the government metes out vengeance disguised as justice, it becomes complicit with killers in devaluing human life and human dignity….” (That’s just another brief quote)

The debate continues.

What are your thoughts?