Tribes across the Nation endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, including the Navajo Nation but now Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States.


How will President Trump Treat Tribes?


We don’t know yet, but tribal governments are scared and uncertain of how the Trump administration will work with them.


Even some members of the Navajo Nation are thinking he may do away with tribal sovereignty. But that’s highly unlikely, as the U.S. has treaties in place.


However, tribes across the U.S. should look to establishing a stronger private sector and stop relying on federal funding, because with a republican majority across the board tribes face federal funding cuts.


Tribal leaders need to work with President Trump, not work against him. Trump promised to bring back the manufacturing industry and other jobs that have been shipped overseas, tribal governments could also benefit from this, as they have a strong labor force.


Either way, tribes across the country need to really change they way they think.