A New Mexico resident happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time on April 30th, per the Daily Times.

An unnamed victim was walking nearby a Safeway grocery store at 730 W. Main St. in Farmington, where he was approached by three suspects and asked to buy alcohol.

When the victim refused, Rayanna Watchman, 22; allegedly hit him several times while two other suspects, Nathaniel Peters, 35; and Fredrick Pioche, 31, attempted to steal his wallet.

Per a probable cause review, police officers were sent to 600 W. Arrington Street, where they found the victim bloodied and bruised. Before he was taken to the San Juan Regional Medical Center, the victim was able to identify the suspects.

The victim described being punched and kicked by all three defendants. Police confirm he was left with a laceration on his forehead, a swollen eye, a cut on the nose, and bruises on parts of his abdomen.

According to Farmington court documents, the three suspects are now facing two felony counts of aggravated battery and attempted robbery. Peters and Watchman are moreover charged with felony false imprisonment, due to the victim reporting the pair held him down as Pioche punched and kicked him.

The police report mentions that upon Pioche’s arrest, marijuana paraphernalia was found in his backpack containing marijuana residue. As a result, he was additionally indicted for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police conducted isolated interrogations with the suspects, in which Peters and Watchman denied any involvement in the crimes. They both stated that Pioche was the main perpetrator.

Following initial hearings at the Farmington Magistrate Court, all suspects were released. Peters and Watchmen are free as a result of bonds paid, while Pioche has no legal representation at this time.