On April 4, the Winslow Police Department revealed Austin Shipley as the officer who shot and killed 27-year-old Loreal Tsingine last month. Shipley, 26, has been with the department for three years.

In documents acquired by an Arizona news outlet, 12 News, Shipley has two letters of disposition on his record. This includes a November 2013 letter regarding a violation of the code of conduct for conduct unbecoming of an officer and inappropriate comments. Another letter from February 2016 cited a violation of the department’s policy on taser use. Both incidents called for one-day suspension without pay and mandated training.

Shipley’s training records show that he completed training at the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy in Prescott, Ariz. in 2012. He also joined the Winslow Police Department after attempting to join the Scottsdale Police Department and the Department of Public Safety. Shipley is also a member of the city’s Public Safety Personnel Retirement Board; he was appointed by secret ballot in July 2015.

Social media was also abuzz in speculating the identity of the officer days before the department released his identity. Some gained access to a photo of Shipley wearing a shirt representing a conservative paramilitary group known as the “Three Percenters.” It is unknown how or if Shipley is affiliated with the organization.

The investigation into the incident by the Department of Public Safety is on-going.